1. Kongress "Fairtrade im Handel" in Berlin

Top Speakers

Dieter Overath Larry Attipoe

Director of International Development at Fairtrade International

Dieter Overath Sandra Bäthge

M. A. International Relations of Center for Evaluation (CEval)

Dieter Overath Matthias Berninger

Head of Public Policy, MARS Inc.

Dieter Overath Almut Feller

Head Institutional & Corporate Affairs at Ferrero MSC GmbH & Co. KG

Dieter Overath Jochen Flasbarth

State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety

Dieter Overath Andreas Huber

Board of DESERTEC Foundation, CEO of German Gesellschaft Club of Rome and Global Marshall Plan Foundation

Dieter Overath Abhishek Jani

Chief Executive Officer, Fairtrade India

Dieter Overath Achim Lohrie

Director Corporate Responsibility Tchibo GmbH

Dieter Overath Dieter Overath

Director, Transfair e.V.

Dieter Overath Thilo Pommerening

Project Manager Low Carbon Business, WWF Germany

Dieter Overath Pavan Sukhdev

Founder-CEO, GIST Advisory
UNEP Goodwill Ambassador

Dieter Overath Anke Engelke

Presenter of the Fairtrade award ceremony

Fairtrade boomt!

Sustainability in global supply chains – Challenges and chances for small scale farmers, industries and retail

Discover at the convention:

    • Climate change: What contribution does Germany make to reach global climate targets?
    • Fairtrade Climate Standard: Added value for global supply chains and small scale farmers in the global south
    • True Cost: What are the true costs for our products and when are prices fair?
    • Focus on Asia: product diversity and new Fairtrade markets. Fairtrade addresses the challenges of sustainable and responsible textile supply chains.
    • Focus on cocoa: How companies reach their ambitious sustainability goals in cocoa growing regions
    • “Does Fair Trade change consumption and trade?“ - First insights from the ongoing study „Does Fair Trade change Society?“